If you are presently with no health insurance, you will want to take a look at finding it, as it might have a significant effect on your life, your heath, in addition to your finances. Health insurance should form part of your finance planning as the consequences for remaining uninsured can spell financial disaster. It may be true that a temporary illness or minor injury may not necessitate big spending. However, a major disease, prolonged hospitalization or accident will entail payment of huge amounts in the form of medical treatment. Being sufficiently covered under a health care plan will provide total comfort free from all anxieties.

The limits insurers placed on who gets coverage is one of the three major problems that needed to be addressed in the individual market. The other two are the affordability and whether the policy would pay for what is needed when the insured gets sick. A study found that excluded conditions varied by insurer. In a 2001 study by the Georgetown Health Policy Institute, researchers 37 percent of applications were rejected. There were insurers who would turn you down if you had hay fever. The public thus was a victim of a roulette insurance market. How easy is it for individuals to wade their way through the market to insurers who would cover them is a question. Although federal law requires insurers to sell policies to certain people who lose group coverage, including those who lost their jobs due to lay offs; but places no limits on what an insurer can charge. In February 2010, Connecticut announced that health premiums for individual medical plans rose in price by 20 percent over in 2009. In this void have stepped some states in varying degrees. Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Vermont required insurers to sell individual policies to everyone, irrespective of their health. Washington state required insurers to take individuals with some health problems. While, Iowa required insurers to cover preexisting conditions in new applicants, if they had insurance previously for those conditions and did not let the insurance lapse.

Health insurance is a highly helpful type of insurance- particularly in today’s scenario when medical treatment is becoming increasingly unaffordable. With a proper health insurance plan, the insurer will pay all your medical expenses if you fall sick or meet with accidents all you have to worry at that time is about your recovery. It is worth stating and re-stating any number of times that health Insurance is the only assured way to protect yourself and your family from financial devastation in case of serious illness. The public hospitals have been at the vanguard of the victims of inadequate and absent coverage. They have provided for the uninsured and those under insured by Medicaid, that reimburses them at below cost. They are also unable to compete with private and nonprofit hospitals for patents with private health insurance coverage. Yet, the cost of providing care to the uninsured and under insured has climbed and taxpayer support remained static.

Health insurance costs are on the rise due to personal health choices made by individuals. Poor eating habits, smoking, drug andalcohol abuse, lack of physical exercise, obesity are some of these known bad health instances. The other reason for escalating costof health insurance is ongoing advances in medical care technology is making canada drugstores online medical treatment is more expensive. Today there are more senior citizens than ever before they are frail and more prone to illness thus requiring more medical care. This also causes an increase in the price of health insurance. But however high the cost of health insurance, it is prudent to get adequate health coverage.