Corporate wellness programs are designed to nurture wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment. Corporate Wellness programs could be found in factories, corporate offices, large corporations, and small corporations alike.

The idea for these Corporate Wellness programs stemmed from several different experiences, decades ago. Not only did companies want to reduce healthcare expenses they were compensating for employees, but many forward thinking companies wanted to make the work space a more inviting and relaxing environment for their employees as well.

If we talk about the role of the corporate wellness consultant, he enables the employees to alter their behavior, reviewing and improving their strengths to grow, excel in performance and be innovative with every passing day. Moreover, various behaviors such as aggression, poor leadership, bullying and ineffective communication are also well addressed. In addition, there are symptoms that are well considered and dealt by a corporate wellness professional include anxiety, lack of confidence, poor team work and low morale etcetera. Overall, treating people professionally such a consultant enable people to play his part in creating a healthy, high performing and successful corporate culture. Corporate wellness leaves a number of positive impacts on the bottom line of any organization. No doubt poor health costs any company in both i.e. emotionally as well as financially. Various areas that are directly affected by this activity include leadership, team work, morale, communication and conflict management.

Poor leadership results in reduced productivity, excessive employee turnover, low morale, damaged credibility of management, increased supervision overhead, increased stress and decreased customer satisfaction. Similarly, such situations lead to unhealthy communication. This occurs due to reduction in the productivity and these are the conflicts that take a lot of time to be resolved. Usually, 25% loss of productivity is the result of the conflict management. On the other hand, healthy communication allows employees to receive and share the information in a better way, negative conflicts are avoided, it promotes self confidence, and people remain able to define positive and well defined goals for them, building enhanced and strong relationship by creating an overall positive effect in the work environment.


Corporate Wellness programs have evolved from offering exercise equipment on site for staff members to utilize, to offering heart healthy choices in the cafeteria, to even having available, a real individuals to talk with about healthcare needs.

None of these things are a substitute for routine medical checkups, but Corporate Wellness programs are designed to make medical treatment and medication for employees less needed.