Unfortunately, many travelers do not know if their health insurance policies provide coverage when they are outside the United States. And the sad reality is that most policies do not pay for medical expenses outside the country.Additionally Most policies do not cover the expensive cost of having to be transferred back to the United States by air ambulance. It is also noteworthy that the medical benefits of Social Security does not apply outside the United States. However, if you are willing to do a little research, you will be able to find the purchasing policies that offer a variety of coverage options in a variety of price ranges. A number of resources available to assist travelers who are looking for supplemental health insurance, while outside the United States. Among travelers can find the necessary coverage includes the guaranteed payment to a provider outside medical care, assistance through a call center to speak to doctors and emergency medical transportation to the United States or elsewhere. A program popular among travelers include International SOS: (. Www.internationalsos.com) The members of this program for a fee that entitles them to a wide variety of insurance options abroad. In addition, members receive online services, including medical travel warnings and security, help with your itinerary and, most importantly, the computer storage of medical records could be accessed worldwide. Another program is popular among travelers MEDEX: (www.medexassist.com). This program provides 24 hours access to the coordinators to locate when you need medical assistance and coordinating insurance payments to foreign suppliers of doctors. Various insurance policies include coverage for emergency evacuation, emergency dental care, and drug substitution. Other services provided include reports on tourist destinations, tourism issues highlighting many practices as well as medical and security issues. A well-known organization providing assistance to travelers is the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (www.iamat.org). IAMAT is a non-profit organization that offers directories of physicians and hospitals throughout the world who are available to assist members IAMAT. Membership is free, but donations are appreciated. In addition to the guide in the world of doctors, members also have access to information related to travel. For a complete list of international health insurance companies, the U.S. Department of State maintains a website: travel.state.gov / travel / index.html Most travelers taking short trips outside the United States rarely worry about health insurance issues. However, those who spend time living and traveling outside the United States could find a special health insurance a blessing if necessary.

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