As the economy strains under the weight of the economic deficit, many people are finding themselves homeless, or in a state of poverty. Maryland has several programs that are trying to meet the needs of these populations, providing free clinics. According to a study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and mentioned in an article in Medline Plus, an estimated 400,000 families – a reduction of approximately one million children – are homeless each year in the United States. They often lack insurance or access to medical care, or are not aware of the options available to them. The clinics listed below offer a range of options for families.Unite homeless and low income for the eyes, compile lists of free clinics across the United States for the homeless, low income and uninsured. We also provide free of sight and vision programs of education in several homeless shelters. The Office of Public Health Clinics maintains a health care center for homeless resource information. It is updated every three months so that its content is quite reliable. In Baltimore, Maryland has a program called Health Care for the Homeless. Provides primary care, mental health, social services programs, and the addition of the homeless in the city of Baltimore. The Maryland Department of Health and Human Services offers free health insurance for pregnant women and children. Baltimore Medical Systems, Inc. meets the needs of school-age children in schools that do not have a school nurse, and the homeless and uninsured in the city of Baltimore. They have several locations throughouth Baltimore City and County, and practicing pediatric medicine, addressing mental health problems have obstetricians, gynecologists, and provide eye care. Chase Brexton Health Services, Inc. offers medical, dental, mental health, HIV and counseling services for gay and lesbian community in particular and needy members of society in general, in areas of Baltimore and Columbia. Choptank Community Health System provides medical, dental and behavior for all, regardless of their ability to pay. Serving the counties of Dorchester, Caroline and Talbot. ; For families without health insurance, the solution is Family Health Centers of Baltimore has offices in five areas around the city of Baltimore, access to care is easy, as is the ability to make an appointment Greater Baden Medical Services, Inc.. . provides health services to homeless shelters in the area of ??Prince George County. Health services also provide medical, dental and mental health on a sliding scale based on family size and income. Health Care for the Homeless has clinical sites in the city of Baltimore, Frederick County and Montgomery County. Its services include primary and preventive health care, addiction services, social work and mental health care. Its mission is to help people well and help provide pathways out of the streets and into productive society. Vitamins for the Homeless provides high quality multi-vitamins for homeless people in Maryland and across the country. Maryland Family Health Administration maintains a list of homeless health clinics in the region and provides links to resources for homeless families.Access to health is a right for all and should not be determined by economic circumstances. Families who are able to stay healthy can find ways to rebuild and get back to productive life. These clinics are based in government and private funding, and relies on support from volunteers. His work is extremely vital for the contribution to a vibrant community and should be encouraged at all levels. donate some time, equipment or money to help keep them going.

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