It is worrying to take note that there are about 10% employees in many offices that in no way entrust their cubicles to walk or workout routine. Moreover, there are regarding 46% staff who usually do not eat healthy and balanced as well as appropriately which there is also a quarter of employees who smoke to find relief from their stresses. Due to the unhealthy lifestyles most employees practice, it has affected their efficiency the fact that they lag behind their work due to illnesses.

The increasing rate of employees taking leave of absences can affect the overall performance of the company such that the company will end up loosing money since its workforce becomes inefficient. In reality, the company relies on the health of their workers in order for them to be stay afloat in the tough world of business. In fact, two of the worst conditions often displayed by employees are absentism and presentism which involves the absence of employees and the inefficiency of a worker due to sickness, respectively.

If you pick up some corporate magazines, you’ll find startling revelations about the corporate wellness program statistics. Yes, according to various magazines, ideas mentioned in these wellness programs have immensely benefited the employees and they have shown great response to the health care plans that have been scheduled for them. Surprisingly, employees found that they were able to cut their health care costs significantly once they started to attend such sponsored programs by their companies. Here are some tangible benefits of the wellness programs and that’s the reason why corporates are doing their best to involve their employees in such initiatives:
These programs have reduced the health care costs of the company and this has maintained healthy human resource power for firms.
Employees caught in the trap of unhealthy habits like excessive drinking, smoking are taken through a program that helps them to put a check or quit these habits completely.
Increased emotional wellness of the employees as better health fosters emotional well-being.
A decrease in the leave applications.
Increased awareness about individual health.
Instilling a sense of trust among the employees that the firm takes adequate care of the employees. This earns loyalty to the company.

This particular program provides a holistic approach in solving the problems of both absentism and presentism. This does not only involve the company providing superb health service to its employees but it also ensures that the employees’ needs are given to them. Such needs include the provision of excellent working environment to promote the efficiency of the workers.

It is important for the company to invest in good equipments that will decrease the propensity of their employees from getting work-related injuries. The equipments should be ergonomic to prevent mechanical injuries like back and neck aches. Installing lounges, a mini gym and a doctor’s clinic within the company’s premises also helps.