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10 January

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) give free or minimal effort health scope to a large number of Americans, including some low-pay individuals, families and youngsters, pregnant ladies, the elderly, and individuals with incapacities.

A few states have extended their Medicaid projects to cover all individuals underneath certain salary levels.

You may fit the bill with the expectation of complimentary health scope for you and your family or meet all requirements for help taking care of the expense of health care contingent upon your age, area, how your salary thinks about to the Federal Poverty Level, and your family unit estimate.

In 2014, the condition of Wisconsin moved 92,000 low-pay grown-ups and families off of BadgerCare Plus by decreasing the salary necessities from 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to 100 percent of the FPL.1 This change moved the as of late uninsured grown-ups to the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace to buy health insurance.

In case you’re unemployed you might have the capacity to get a reasonable health insurance plan through the Marketplace, with funds in light of your salary and family unit measure.

You may likewise meet all requirements for nothing or minimal effort scope through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

4 March

Pharmacy drugs online can also be attained in the different forms and people can also have the medicines under the name of different brands which may be renowned and trustworthy brands. Online pharmacies should not only think of earning the maximum profits for their own online pharmacy business but also should think for the benefit of the customer. Generic drugs are also far more cheap because they no money is spent on research and development. The generic medicines also are created upon the expiry of a branded drug’s patent. The patent’s expiry lets many pharmaceutical corporations to produce and sell a generic version. As the competition increases, lower-priced drugs sell more. Though the prices are also decrease, the generics should use the same active ingredients because the branded counterpart. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tasked to build sure that all generic drugs meet their factors. Generic medicines are available at online pharmacies. These pharmacy websites supply inexpensive quality medicines. However, buying medicines the web boils with numerous risks. A some of the of nowa web sites are fraudulent sites that don’t deliver quality-control medicines. Almost all of nowa corporations are also not even recognized by the US FDA, resulting during customers consuming unsafe drugs from unauthorized pharmacies. Opting to get order cheap medicine online boils with its benefits and disadvantages. In order to be safe, it is advisable to consult the web pharmacy review sites. User comments from nowa websites will find out the credibility and trustworthiness of the pharmacy’s products and services. It is as well very important to make sure that the reviews are from simple people who suffer experienced creating business with a explicit online pharmacy. In most online pharmacies, it is also easier to find cheap drugs. A number of sites allow for the comparison of generic and brand-name medication. This makes it far more convenient for a consumer to decide which one to purchase in case their physician allows them to do so. In some cases, it may be possible to no prescription canada acquire, through the Internet, medication that is not yet available in one’s area.

4 July

If you are a health-conscious employer, then you know that your jibe employees are more productive, that unfitness  lowers care costs, and that if you could articulate all of your employees on wellness programs then you would elevate your can line. As you utter purchasing for an on-the-spot or online program, you should first realize ground corporate fittingness mechanism and what corporate wellness programs should provide.Here is a elliptic register that will facilitate you watch what your circle needs. On a base level, the corporate competency program you take should worship few  incentives to actuate your employees. Employers should look for a program that…Offers somebody solutions to all unwellness  issues – unconditioned wellness is multi-dimensional and includes mental, warm-toned and ghostly upbeat as well as physiologic health. Corporate wellness and condition programs pull a face care costs because firm group have little evince and deal what teentsy accentuate they do have. Workers with utmost show have 46% high medical exam bills, and the annual economical monetary value of clinical depression in 1995 was $600 per thin worker. Employers implementing wellness in the workplace should be in for the program includes a psychosocial component.Helps employees arrange news story goals – Employees on wellness programs can be conferred with info after fact, but if they aren’t conferred the instrumentation to employ their unweathered knowledge, then it goes in one ear and out the other. If you deficiency to whirl your employees online accession to health, make certainly auto Insurance Free Quote you judge a program that motivates and encourages them to alter come-at-able and immeasurable  goals. Your wellness program should also add an unchaste way to trail their progress.Provides fittingness plans line of work to different individuals – You mortal sin yourself in your company’s diversity. Your workers come in all colors, shapes and personalities, and this capital they also have divers wellness concerns. The corporate good condition program you purchase inevitably to have all of your employees on an respective level. Afro-American women have opposite seek factors than Latino males. Your Caucasion secretary strength be thin but underfed compared to another, less  obese worker. When corporate wellness programs provide personal attention, your employees are statesman believable to succeed.Offers take and painless to canvas sustenance guidelines – sustenance is a Brobdingnagian portion of wellness. You power set off a rise if you shift the confect and popular music genre machines without warning, but if your employees bug out mental faculty why corporate good shape and eudaemonia are important, possibly they’ll be the ones feat the toss out machines on the indefinite quantity docks. meliorate and depute incognizance  through and through retrieve to status recipes, victuals planners, and nourishment substance and your employees will impart you.Has a in condition animation forum – Of the numerous benefits of corporate wellness websites, the ability to enter employees to intercommunicate and enquire questions about their well-being is vital. When your employees have your commendation to utilise online tools in their travelling toward wholeness, that endue will come back to you. It is not a conserve  of time to count on your workers to modify themselves. After all, when you have the favour of managing sharp select people, it is boundlessly easier to turn away out a good of nasal quality.

30 January

Thursday, January 26 – Castro, on the island of Chiloe and Dalcahue, Chile

Tendered a short distance to the small port town of Castro and the port agent unsuspectingly gave me the key to the free WIFI at the port. THANK GOODNESS. We were there for a few hours making several phone calls for our clients at the hospital and going over paperwork and working. Many others were able to get online and it is such a blessing to be able to get the work done and get on with the day. We hired a cab with a friend from MO and headed up the steep hills to the main square (thankfully we had the taxi as we had no idea the streets were THAT steep). Stopped at the pharmacy and the wooden cathedral where not one nail was used – the Iglesia San Francisco de Castro was built in 1906. We drove to the picturesque port village of Dalcahue. The drive was very scenic and seemed like we were touring New Zealand. The port town is the ferry departure/arrival point for the five minute ride to the island of Quinchao, where there are many cattle ranchers and whalers.

Castro is on the island of Chiloe and is the 3rd oldest continuously inhabited city in Chile and the 2nd largest island in South America. The island is covered with plenty of forests and fields, with traditional villages nestling in sheltered inlets. Gorgeous! Most of the economy is still from fishing and farming, as they have done for centuries. 18th and 19th century wooden churches are the main attractions. Castro was raided from time to time by English and Dutch pirates as well as being destroyed by an earthquake in 1960.

We also drove by the palafitos, the homes built on high stilts on the water.
Kimika, singers and comedians, were the entertainers. Australia Day – we celebrate every nation’s Independence day!

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience each day things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill Bryson

Friday, January 27 – Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

As we arrived, we had some scenic cruising in the Aysen Fjord with commentary but it was misty and damp. We docked in a secluded bay surrounded by tall, heavily forested mountains in the drizzle. Our first rain! We could see many snow-capped high mountains around us. Tendered in to the small port and they had a free shuttle to the center of town, where we had been told there was “not much to see or do”. Appropriate statement and we had several taxis meet the bus to offer their services for a day’s tour. We hooked up with Domingo Flores for $25 per person for a four-hour tour of the area, with 10 people in the van. I was asked to serve as translator so I had a front row seat as we toured for the day. This port was established in 1995 as Puerto Aisen, only 10 miles away suffered a series of untamed coastal forest fires which ravaged the town, forcing residents to abandon their homes. Then a powerful tsunami slammed ashore in 1960. Three waves struck within a four-hour period, even though they were in a protected channel.

Our first stop was to see the longest suspension bridge in Chile in Aisen, and I was surprised at the length – must shorter than I expected but maybe they don’t have a need for the longer bridges like we do.

Next we drove to the Rio Simpson National Reserve, which is popular for fly-fishing and has spectacular 5000 foot mountains full of southern beech and evergreens which are for hiking and camping. All these trees are in the area, none of which I could identify! Coigues, tepas, manio, ciruelillo, canelo and tepu. Do you have any of those in your backyard? We also saw a tree over 400 years old – a lenga tree. We saw the huemul (like a deer) and the large elephant ear plants. Other species that abound, which I also could not identify nor did we see, are the pudu, guina, bandurria, queltehue and wild ducks (OK, I know the last one). We walked down to the river’s edge and the water was crystal clear but very low; they apparently had two months of sunshine instead of their usual daily rain so the plants were dried out and the river low. The Waterfall of the Virgin had an altar and small chapel where many candles had been lit.

Highway 24 is dedicated to the Patron Saint Sebastian and we passed two altars along the highway; Domingo, the driver, tooted his horn each time showing his thanks to St. Sebastian. The road wound through the national reserve past spectacular mountain peaks, green valleys and incredibly scenery. Many it reminded them of the Alaskan Inside Passage, New Zealand’s South Island and Norway’s subarctic coastline.

The largest town, Coihaique, is the administrative center of the region. Established in 1929, the town is centered on its pentagonal Plaza de Armas and there is rugged skiing, fishing and hiking opportunities.

Slept in J’s room as the Captain announced the seas would be rough after midnight. On email late, communicating with the insurance company, DR and our guests, trying to coordinate their return to the ship.

Entertainment was Yacov Noy, a visual comedian. We did some scenic cruising in the Darwin Channel.

Fellow passenger count: Australia 17, Belgium 1, Bulgaria 1, Canada 122, Denmark 2, France 4, Germany 17, Israel 1, Italy 1, Mexico 7, Netherlands 41, New Zealand 5, Norway 1, Peru 2, Spain, 5, Sweden 3, Switzerland 7, UK 33 and USA 444.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber
Saturday, January 28 – at sea

Chile – the longest and narrowest country in the world. The fertile central region is filled with orchards, vineyards, wheat fields and lovely green pastures where cattle and sheep are raised. The midsection is where the major cities are located and where most Chileans lives. To the north are the arid expanses of the Atacama Desert, one of the world’s driest areas. The far south is a land of islands, forests, mountains and glaciers. Eastern Chile is hemmed in by the majestic Andes Mountains. These mark a fault in the earth’s crust, which causes frequent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The country’s natural resources are oil, natural gas and they are rich in minerals.

Up early to go to Medical and dropped off the papers I had prepared with all the contact information. No matter how much you try to make the insurance/ship/passenger/doctor path of communication, it is not easy. As the passenger in an emergency medical situation, you are in a foreign country and probably don’t speak the language, you are staying at a hotel near your spouse but not with them, you are not able to communicate with the ship or insurance company via phone on a regular basis and probably don’t have a reliable internet connections and are using a foreign keyboard. I am trying to act as the facilitator but it is not easy. The ship’s DR and the insurance company make all the calls and the future of re-boarding, when and where.

Attended lecture on the next ports of call and back to Medical. Lunch in the buffet and got J out walking and to lunch. Cleaned up the rooms and went to the movie, “For the Love of the Game”, a very good baseball movie. Up to the Crowe’s Nest for scenic cruising but it was misty and dismal and cloudy and wet and rainy. This is where I really wanted to explore on this cruise so I hope the weather improves.

Most of the day we have been sailing through rough seas with a gale force wind of 8 and high swells so the doors to the outside are closed on all decks.

Sunday, January 29 – at sea

Up at 6 to be ready for the scenic cruising but again it looks wet, misty and cloudy! Bummer!!!! Slept soundly but still very tired. Scandinavian buffet; we can’t go outside to eat so they have different luncheons set up each day in the dining room beside the regular luncheon menu. We have a wonderful view from the Crowe’s Nest of the mountains around us – trees, tiny shoreline, barren rocks…much like the Norwegian coastline.
One of the fellow passengers is showing a DVD of his stay on Antarctica from 1966-70 when he was Assistant to the Admiral.

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11 December

A lot of untapped resources in our great planet. These reserves are located in pristine places, full of weird and wonderful organisms that we know very little. The world ocean and the tropical rainforests of our world are the limits that come easily to mind. In these places are a high degree of biodiversity, and many of these species have developed non-traditional tactics and techniques to survive in these environments varied. The unusual group of organisms that will be addressed in this document are a genus of marine mollusc, Conus, cone snails. These snails produce a poison that has the potential for wide application in our lives. Cone snail genus comprises more than 500 species, with the type of species that Conus marmoreus, the cone snail marble. Snails are found in tropical waters, and are characterized by a cone-shaped shell, which is considered a valuable find more than a shell collector. Conus species can have 23 cm long and is carnivorous. Because they are generally slow, using a tube called a radula as the harpoon toxoglossan full of venom to catch its prey. This weapon is fired from barbed mouth into the fast-moving prey. When a dam or other fish is beaten, you are paralyzed by the poison and the harpoon is retracted into the mouth with the victim. The strength of the injection of a harpoon is such that has the ability to drill a wetsuit, and the poison can cause death in humans, although this is not always the result of an attack. The poisons found in members of Conus peptides and gender are called conotoxins. The vast majority of them are neurotoxic, which impair the function of receptors of the nerves, causing paralysis followed by death. A large percentage of cone snails also has an element of the poison that reduces the pain of a victim it feels to be beaten by barbed proboscis. Painkiller is in this medical application of this toxin might lie. This is due to factors that the molecule whose activity relieves the pain in these cone snail venom works to prevent the communication of pain signals from nerve cells in the brain by blocking the calcium channels in nerve cells. The properties of these poisons were discovered in the 1960's by Dr. Baldomero Olivera, a pioneer in the field, but the technology needed to use his discovery was not available until much more recently. Medical researchers have long been looking ways to relieve patients' pain during periods of prolonged illness, during surgery, or later during the recovery period, when levels of pain can often be higher. Morphine first commonly used during the Civil War to ease the pain of the wounded soldiers, but doctors have been looking for an alternative to most of the time, citing the fact that it is addictive and can be destructive in large quantities or after long periods of use. Other commonly used analgesics include codeine and aspirin. Codeine is facing the same problem as morphine, as it has an addictive nature and tends to lead to chemical dependency in which you are not careful. Aspirin is a widely prescribed analgesic because of its "effectiveness, but it is a blood thinner and has many potential side effects. The ideal analgesic for researchers not yet arrived, but the discovery of these properties in cone snail venom leads scientists to believe they may have found what they have long been looking for. A painkiller called Prialt, or ziconotide, has been derived from and omega-conotoxin from the venom of Conus by Elan Pharmaceuticals, and was approved by the FDA in December 2004. It is derived from the venom of Conus magus, the magician's cone snail. Prialt is useful in cases where the patient can not tolerate morphine treatment or when the pain is such that a safe dose of morphine is not enough. This medicine is given as an injection directly into the cerebrospinal fluid of the patient. As these analgesics often based poison 1,000 times more powerful than existing resources are used in the treatment of extreme chronic pain, as experienced by cancer patients. (Olivera in the sea snail ") Prialt has also been found in trials that non-addictive in nature, giving it a leg up on most of the pain now for hospitals around the world . Another sea snail hosts a trade potentially useful analgesic is C. victoriae, the cone snail Australia. ACV1 (analgesic component of Venom) has been isolated from the Conus by Professor Bruce Livett and is now in clinical trials of drug metabolism. One of the drawbacks of this exciting new medical frontier is that many of these species are rare and therefore difficult and expensive to obtain and use. It is critical that the populations of these snails is conserved and that the poison is extracted from the least destructive to not endanger these special creatures and the planet's biodiversity is maintained. In addition to snails, corals and sponges have been explored for use in this sense too, but the general consensus is that Conus has a bright future. "These snails are the designers of pharmaceuticals on the nature of drugs. And with Prialt really only touching the tip of the iceberg surface of what they can do. "This quote by Dr. Jon-Paul Bingham told the BBC, embodies the spirit of the scientists working on this new discovery . The applications of poisons over 500 different species, with more than 100 different toxins from venom is potentially enormous. Currently there are drugs in clinical trials for treating Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and epilepsy. With each new discovery that takes place in the future of pain relief becomes more and more encouraging, but I hope that someday we can say that the future of pain is nonexistent. References Gayler, K. et al. "Molecular prospecting for drugs from the sea." Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine. 24.2 (March-April 2005): 79-84. IEEE Xplore. November 28, 2006. Http://> Machalek, Alisa Zapp. "Sea Snail Venom yields new potent analgesic." The record of NIH. March 1, 2005. November 30, 2006. story03.htm> Olivera, BaldomeroM. "Conus venom peptides: Reflections from the biology of clades and species" Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics. 33 (November 2002). November 26 CookieSet = 1> "Pain-murderer leaves his" Shell ". The Age. July 25, 2005. December 1, 2006. Painkiller Venom running. "BBC News. July 10, 2006. November 30, 2006. Http://> The BiodiversityWebsite Conus. Eds. Alan J. Kohn and Trevor Anderson. National Science Foundation. November 30, 2006.>

3 November

As the economy strains under the weight of the economic deficit, many people are finding themselves homeless, or in a state of poverty. Maryland has several programs that are trying to meet the needs of these populations, providing free clinics. According to a study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and mentioned in an article in Medline Plus, an estimated 400,000 families – a reduction of approximately one million children – are homeless each year in the United States. They often lack insurance or access to medical care, or are not aware of the options available to them. The clinics listed below offer a range of options for families.Unite homeless and low income for the eyes, compile lists of free clinics across the United States for the homeless, low income and uninsured. We also provide free of sight and vision programs of education in several homeless shelters. The Office of Public Health Clinics maintains a health care center for homeless resource information. It is updated every three months so that its content is quite reliable. In Baltimore, Maryland has a program called Health Care for the Homeless. Provides primary care, mental health, social services programs, and the addition of the homeless in the city of Baltimore. The Maryland Department of Health and Human Services offers free health insurance for pregnant women and children. Baltimore Medical Systems, Inc. meets the needs of school-age children in schools that do not have a school nurse, and the homeless and uninsured in the city of Baltimore. They have several locations throughouth Baltimore City and County, and practicing pediatric medicine, addressing mental health problems have obstetricians, gynecologists, and provide eye care. Chase Brexton Health Services, Inc. offers medical, dental, mental health, HIV and counseling services for gay and lesbian community in particular and needy members of society in general, in areas of Baltimore and Columbia. Choptank Community Health System provides medical, dental and behavior for all, regardless of their ability to pay. Serving the counties of Dorchester, Caroline and Talbot. ; For families without health insurance, the solution is Family Health Centers of Baltimore has offices in five areas around the city of Baltimore, access to care is easy, as is the ability to make an appointment Greater Baden Medical Services, Inc.. . provides health services to homeless shelters in the area of ??Prince George County. Health services also provide medical, dental and mental health on a sliding scale based on family size and income. Health Care for the Homeless has clinical sites in the city of Baltimore, Frederick County and Montgomery County. Its services include primary and preventive health care, addiction services, social work and mental health care. Its mission is to help people well and help provide pathways out of the streets and into productive society. Vitamins for the Homeless provides high quality multi-vitamins for homeless people in Maryland and across the country. Maryland Family Health Administration maintains a list of homeless health clinics in the region and provides links to resources for homeless families.Access to health is a right for all and should not be determined by economic circumstances. Families who are able to stay healthy can find ways to rebuild and get back to productive life. These clinics are based in government and private funding, and relies on support from volunteers. His work is extremely vital for the contribution to a vibrant community and should be encouraged at all levels. donate some time, equipment or money to help keep them going.

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2 November

The Health Coverage Tax Credit was enacted by Congress in the Trade Act of 2002. It is a federal tax credit that pays up to 65% of health plan premiums for eligible workers whose qualified health coverage has been affected because they lost their jobs due to foreign competition. The credit is also available to certain retirees whose pension from a former employer were fired and are now receiving benefits from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). The credit is intended to ensure that health care coverage more accessible and available to people who otherwise might not be able to afford it.The U.S. Treasury Department, through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), working in conjunction with other federal and state agencies, such as institutions of the State workforce, and the private health industry, the Health Insurance Administration Tax Credit program. If you qualify, this credit may be claimed as a refund when you file your U.S. annual federal income taxes, or you can receive advance payments of the monthly credit, to pay health insurance premiums throughout the year as it should. Who is eligible? The Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) is intended to help certain groups of individuals. There are three groups of people who are potentially eligible for this tax credit: · Workers who are receiving Trade Readjustment Allowances under the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). These are mostly workers who have been displaced from their jobs due to competition from foreign trade. The TAA program is managed by State agencies, State Agencies Workforce (SWAS). These organizations may also be called the State Employment Office. · Workers who are at least 50 years of age and is receiving benefits under the Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) program. · The retired at least 55 years of age and is receiving retirement benefits from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. The survivors, beneficiaries, and the alternate payee at least 55 years of age who are receiving these benefits are also eligible for Coverage Tax Credit Health. In addition, the tax credit is available only to persons who are enrolled in what is defined as a "qualified health plan." Only certain types of health plans qualify for this tax benefit, and which are described below. Once you have met one of the above eligibility criteria, the Agency for Workforce State or the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation will send the HCTC Program Kit, which includes a registration form and describes the requirements and the tax credit eligibility. Normally, you will receive a kit if you qualify for this benefit, but if you have any questions, please consult with your Workforce Agency of the State or with the U.S. Labour and Employment Department of Management Training. Who does not disqualify QualifyThere criteria that make certain people ineligible for Coverage Tax Credit Health. If any of the following conditions, you are not eligible for this credit: · You have health coverage through a maintenance plan for its current or former employer or your spouse, and the employer pays 50% or more of the cost of coverage. · You are entitled to Medicare, even if you are not registered and are not receiving benefits. · You are enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). · You are enrolled in Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). • You have health coverage through the military (TRICARE / CHAMPUS). However, this does not include Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. · You can be claimed as a dependent on tax return of another person. Additional requirements for eligibility for workers with at least 50 years of age and is receiving ATAA benefits. You are not eligible for the Earned Health Coverage if you are enrolled in a qualified health plan and one of the following: • You have health coverage and his or her current employer or former spouse is paying the cost of their health coverage. · You are eligible for health coverage, and if you had coverage, or your spouse's employer or former employer would pay 50% or more of the costs. · You or your spouse could pay for the cost of health coverage on a pretax basis. MembersIf family meets all eligibility requirements, and family members are not covered by other health insurance, you can use the Health Coverage Tax Credit to help pay the cost of health insurance for them. What Health Plans requirements? In order to be able to take advantage of Coverage Tax Credit Health must be enrolled in what is defined as a qualified insurance plan. The members of the family wishing to qualify for the credit must also be enrolled in a qualified plan. This may be the same plan you are enrolled, or in a separate plan, as long as it is a qualified plan. The following are defined as qualified health insurance plans for purposes of the Tax Credit Health Coverage · COBRA extended health. These are temporary extensions of coverage of health-related work an employee can choose after a layoff, termination or other specified events. Do not group coverage. This is a policy of individual health insurance you have purchased and registered in which at least 30 days before it was separated from his employer and became entitled to the benefits of TAA, ATAA or PBGC. · Coverage of spouse. You may be covered by your spouse's plan of employer-sponsored health, provided the employer pays less than 50% of the cost of coverage. Whether you can claim the Tax Credit health coverage as an advance payment or by way of reimbursement depends on whether the coverage under COBRA. If COBRA coverage is, you can claim the prepayment option. If not, you can only claim a refund when you file your tax return. · State of qualified health plans. A list of these plans, by state, can be found on the IRS Web site, under the "Individuals" tab, under "HCTC: Individuals – Overview"., In ¿ What types of coverage requirements? The Health Coverage Tax Credit is intended to help pay for full coverage, major medical expenses. Therefore, the supplemental coverage, for example, dental, vision and long-term care, do not qualify for the credit, unless included as part of an overall benefit. However, a policy that covers prescription drugs are usually eligible for the credit, whether it is a separate policy or part of the major medical coverage. Other types of health coverage do not qualify for the credit are: Medicare supplement (Medigap). · TRICARE supplemental insurance. · Coverage for onsite medical clinics. · Hospital indemnity or other fixed indemnity insurance. · Accident or disability. · Insurance Liability. · Workers' compensation insurance. · The medical payment from auto insurance. · Benefits for the care of a nursing home, health care in the home or community-based care. · Insurance for a specific disease or illness. · Coverage under a flexible spending, as a medical savings account (HSA) or Archer Medical Savings Account (MSA). Pre-existing conditions when you are a candidate for Coverage Tax Credit Health, a health plan may impose qualified pre-existing condition exclusions. The plan may exclude payment for treatment related to a preexisting condition if you had less than 3 months of continuous coverage of health before being eligible for the credit, or have had a break in coverage of more than 62 days immediately before applying for registration in the. qualified health plan coverage How to claim tax CreditThere health are two ways to apply for credit: · Previously, on a monthly basis during the year. Here is credited on a monthly basis before the time, and can use that money to pay health insurance premiums as they fall due. · In the form of capital, when filing your annual federal income tax. In this case, the refund is received in a lump sum of premiums qualified health coverage you paid during the fiscal year. Claim the credit in order to claim the credit AdvanceIn in advance, you must be enrolled in the HCTC program. To this end, the completion and submission of registration form is included in the HCTC Program Kit sent to you when you are eligible. If you think you qualify, but do not receive this kit, you should contact your Workforce Agency of the State. The steps you follow to get the Tax Credit Advance Payment of Health Coverage are summarized as follows: 1. Request and receive TAA, ATAA, or PBGC benefits, as applicable in your case. 2. Enroll in a qualified health plan. 3. Receive the HCTC Program Kit. Complete and submit the form. 4. Ask for help at the state level for the HCTC (National Emergency Grant – NEG Bridge Grants) if available in your state. This will help pay premiums for health coverage while registering for the HCTC advance payment. 5. Continue paying 100% of their health coverage premiums until you receive an invoice HCTC. You can request a refund of those amounts you pay when you file your annual tax return. 6. Once your registration is complete, and is enrolled in the HCTC, you will begin receiving monthly bills for the program. You must pay the HCTC part of the bill, which is 35% of the total premium health coverage. HCTC send your payment along with your payment for the balance of 65%, your health plan. Claim a refund on your tax ReturnYou can claim the Health Coverage Tax Credit on your annual federal income tax if you qualify for the credit but does not apply to advance payments. You can also apply for reimbursement of the premiums you paid in full to yourself, while you were in the process of registration for payment. IRS Form 8885, Health Coverage Tax Credit, is used to claim reimbursement. This form must be completed and attached to your annual income tax. There are detailed instructions indicating how to complete the form and supporting documentation you need to deliver. For example, you must attach invoices and proof of payment of health insurance premiums you pay, while in the process of registering for credit. Form 8885 and instructions can be downloaded from the IRS website. Provided eligibility requirements are met, the Health Coverage Tax Credit is available to citizens and U.S. residents and foreign residents. A U.S. citizen or resident to file Form 8885 with Form 1040, and a nonresident alien must file Form 8885 with Form 1040NR. If you get advance payments during the year should receive a Form 1099-H in the first part of next year, reports of advances received. The information on Form 1099-H is used to complete Form 8885. QuestionsIn the IRS website, with the HCTC keyword, you can find a list of frequently asked questions about the program, Health Coverage Tax Credit, who is eligible, what plans qualify, and how to claim the benefits of this program.

26 October

Unfortunately, many travelers do not know if their health insurance policies provide coverage when they are outside the United States. And the sad reality is that most policies do not pay for medical expenses outside the country.Additionally Most policies do not cover the expensive cost of having to be transferred back to the United States by air ambulance. It is also noteworthy that the medical benefits of Social Security does not apply outside the United States. However, if you are willing to do a little research, you will be able to find the purchasing policies that offer a variety of coverage options in a variety of price ranges. A number of resources available to assist travelers who are looking for supplemental health insurance, while outside the United States. Among travelers can find the necessary coverage includes the guaranteed payment to a provider outside medical care, assistance through a call center to speak to doctors and emergency medical transportation to the United States or elsewhere. A program popular among travelers include International SOS: (. The members of this program for a fee that entitles them to a wide variety of insurance options abroad. In addition, members receive online services, including medical travel warnings and security, help with your itinerary and, most importantly, the computer storage of medical records could be accessed worldwide. Another program is popular among travelers MEDEX: ( This program provides 24 hours access to the coordinators to locate when you need medical assistance and coordinating insurance payments to foreign suppliers of doctors. Various insurance policies include coverage for emergency evacuation, emergency dental care, and drug substitution. Other services provided include reports on tourist destinations, tourism issues highlighting many practices as well as medical and security issues. A well-known organization providing assistance to travelers is the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers ( IAMAT is a non-profit organization that offers directories of physicians and hospitals throughout the world who are available to assist members IAMAT. Membership is free, but donations are appreciated. In addition to the guide in the world of doctors, members also have access to information related to travel. For a complete list of international health insurance companies, the U.S. Department of State maintains a website: / travel / index.html Most travelers taking short trips outside the United States rarely worry about health insurance issues. However, those who spend time living and traveling outside the United States could find a special health insurance a blessing if necessary.

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13 October

In recent years, seen Burt’s Bees products popping up everywhere. I have even seen them available in larger national chains like Bath & Body Works and Walmarts. I am very glad that my favorite health and beauty products are now widely available in most parts of the United States.

Burt’s Bees was a company started by a bee keeper named Burt and his buddy Roxanne in Maine. From seeing photographs of Burt you would probably size him up as an old hippie, but regardless of his appearance he is definitely a genius at making good products. The company thrives on being “natural.” They use as many natural ingredients as possible. In fact, many of their products are 100% natural or close to it. They also use only environmentally friendly packaging that produces as little waste as possible.

I completely swear by their Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoo. It’s 98.20% natural. It has citrus extracts to promote shine and the sugar beet extract any hair damage.

They have two very yummy adult toothpastes that are 100% natural: Cinna Mint and Laveder Mint. They also have a kid’s toothpaste as well that tastes really fruity and is flavored with orange oil. I really like the idea of using natural toothpaste especially on kids considering most toothpaste labels warn consumers not to swallow it for fear of poison!

Another useful product that I get a great deal of use out of is their 100% natural insect repellent. It works just as good if not better than chemical brands and it smells good. Plus, without containing any DEET, you have to fear slathering your with it.

My favorite part of their product line hands down is their Baby Bee line. Babies have particularly sensitive skin so these natural products are ideal when trying to avoid irritation. My favorite of the line is their apricot baby oil that smells just delicious compared to most baby oils I’ve purchased. For each of my relatives and friends that have newborns, I their Baby Bee Starter Kit which is a sampling of all their wonderful baby products. It’s sure to make them fall in love with the Burt’s Bees line.

Burt’s Bees comes out with new creations all the time, so check their website often. To date, I have not tried one product that hasn’t satisfied me and I am sure that you will feel the same.